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Photos: 'The Wizard of Oz' On Stage!

Dorothy (Brittani Jones) dreams of a place 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow.'
Dorothy (Brittani Jones) marvels at Professor Marvel's (Mark Bjorkquist) crystal ball.
Glinda (Allison Kasbee) and Dorothy (Brittani Jones) help the Munchkins (Shaina Summerville, Emma Widlowski, Katie Zarletti) celebrate their freedom from the Wicked Witch of the East.
Toto (Krist Neumann) and Dorothy (Brittani Jones) are escorted to the border of Munchkinland by the Munchkins (Emma Widlowski, Katie Zarletti, Shaina Summerville).
Dorothy (Brittani Jones) and Toto (Krist Neumann) meet Scarecrow (Aria Caldwell).
Toto (Krist Neumann), Scarecrow (Aria Caldwell) and Dorothy (Brittani Jones) find a man made of rusted tin (Michael Ross).
Scarecrow (Aria Caldwell), Tin Man (Michael Ross), Dorothy (Brittani Jones), and Toto (Krist Neumann) are frightened by one of the many scares along the yellow brick road.
Lion (Brent Walker) intimidates Toto (Krist Neumann), Dorothy (Brittani Jones), Scarecrow (Aria Caldwell), and Tin Man (Michael Ross).
Lion (Brent Walker), Tin Man (Michael Ross), Dorothy (Brittani Jones), and Scarecrow (Aria Caldwell) are caught by the Jitterbugs.
The Emerald City Guard (Mark Bjorkquist) is skeptical of Dorothy (Brittani Jones), Toto (Krist Neumann), and their new friends (Michael Ross, Aria Caldwell, Brent Walker).
Scarecrow (Aria Caldwell), Toto (Krist Neumann), Tin Man (Michael Ross), and Lion (Brent Walker) comfort Dorothy (Brittani Jones).
Lion (Brent Walker), Tin Man (Michael Ross), Toto (Krist Neumann), Dorothy (Brittani Jones), and Scarecrow (Aria Caldwell) find themselves in the Haunted Forest.
A haunting vision of Aunt Em (Allison Kasbee) appears to Dorothy (Brittani Jones) in the Wicked Witch of the West's castle.

THE WIZARD OF OZ runs through January 28 at Prairie Lakes Theater, 515 E. Thacker Street in Des Plaines, IL. Tickets are $15 for all ages.

Photo Credit: Cody Jolly Photography