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Photos: 'The Odd Couple' On Stage!

Oscar (Neal Goldman), Vinnie (Scott Schwartz), Murray (Anthony C. Brown), Speed (David R. Feiler), and Roy (Scott Spector) converse over a game of poker.
Felix (Lewis R. Jones) is in hysterics with Vinnie (Scott Schwartz), Oscar (Neal Goldman), Murray (Anthony C. Brown), Speed (David R. Feiler), and Roy (Scott Spector).
Oscar (Neal Goldman) attempts to calm down Felix (Lewis R. Jones).
Oscar (Neal Goldman) is puzzled by one of Felix's (Lewis R. Jones) obnoxious habits.
Felix Ungar (Lewis R. Jones) and Oscar Madison (Neal Goldman).
Oscar (Neal Goldman) and Felix (Lewis R. Jones) entertain the Pigeon sisters (Lauren Fivek and Gretchen Kimmeth).
Cecily (Lauren Fivek) and Gwendolyn (Gretchen Kimmeth) Pigeon.

THE ODD COUPLE runs through January 28 at Prairie Lakes Theater, 515 E. Thacker Street in Des Plaines, IL.

Photo Credit: Cody Jolly Photography