Our art thrives on the support of donors like you.
Leader of the Pack, 2012

We hope you will consider becoming a donor. All amounts are appreciated and will be recognized here and in our programs (you're more than welcome to remain anonymous if you wish). Big Noise Theatre is a 501(c)3 organization, so all contributions are tax deductible.


  • Complimentary refreshments at all mainstage performances.
  • Invitations to occasional insider events.

How to Donate

There are a variety of ways to make a contribution.

Donate online via OvationTix or mail a check (payable to Big Noise Theatre) along with your name as you wish it to appear here and in our programs to Big Noise Theatre, P.O. Box 1652, Des Plaines, IL 60017.

Our Donors

We're happy to share the names of this season's current, very generous donors. Thank you!

Corporate Sponsors & Grants

  • Robert W. Baird & Company
  • EcoLab
  • PSPrint
  • The Saints
  • VisionCare Specialists

Platinum ($400 and above)

  • Lori Jo A. Fergle Charitable Fund
  • Michael P. Greenlief Jr.
  • Marian and Stan Kaderbek
  • Arthur and Jacob Kuchta
  • Marsha and Bill Rutenberg
  • Martha and Frank Shuford
  • Ann Stuart
  • Brent Walker and Christopher Nolden

Gold ($150 up to $400)

  • Anonymous
  • The Barden Familyin memory of Don and Leslie DeCarl
  • Jamie Potash Curry
  • Cathy Jacobson
  • Theresa Kerrigan
  • John Marquardt
  • Michael and Christopher McGuire
  • Curt and Linda Walkerin honor of Brent Walker

Silver ($50 up to $150)

  • Pamela Anderson
  • Denise Chipman
  • Ann Fink
  • Mike Greenlief
  • Dan Heagney
  • Debbie and Bill Houghton
  • Julianna Kaderbekin honor of Marian Kaderbek
  • Matt Kenney
  • Brad Kisner and Arne Klein
  • Robert and Ann Klein
  • Jean A. Klingenstein
  • Wayne and Kathleen Messmer
  • Nancy and Jim Moran
  • Julie and Shelley Orbach
  • Anna and Mark Roeser
  • Shawn P. Sackett
  • Mildred Schmalz
  • William and Loretta Schneider
  • Gail Soberski
  • Patrick Steadman
  • Barney and Janet Sutherland
  • Jim and Debbie Szczesniak
  • Lorraine Tancredi
  • Gina Uhlmann
  • Rupert VanDupert

Bronze (up to $50)

  • Anonymous (2)
  • Sam Aquino
  • Niki Arias
  • Joel and Carrie Brondyke
  • Brittney Brown
  • Jill and Chad Carlson
  • Samantha Cheek
  • Elaine Cowenin honor of Michael P. Greenlief Jr.
  • Colleen Cusack-Roman
  • Gerald DeGuzman
  • Laura DiTola
  • Kenneth DuCree
  • Edward Dunk
  • Karen Eickemeyer
  • David Feiler
  • Madeline Franklin
  • Sandra Greenberg
  • Erin Greenliefin honor of Michael P. Greenlief Jr.
  • Sarah Grember
  • Mary Hanson
  • Mike Harrison
  • Connie Hartwig
  • Vicky Heuer
  • Michael Jeffries
  • Monica Jones
  • Ashley Kammrath
  • Matt Kenney
  • Aimee Kleiman
  • Matthew Krieg
  • Annalise Kristine
  • Andrea Lauer
  • Natasha Laws
  • Brian McNamara
  • Cynthia Miller
  • Michael Miller
  • Donna Mulderink
  • Travis Monroe Neese
  • Sheila O'Connell
  • Larry Olson
  • Amy Pepsnik
  • Carole Pratt
  • John Radwanski and Mary Choules
  • Rachel Ralston
  • Peter Rasey
  • Jessica Rodriguez
  • Julia Rodriguez
  • Timothy Walter Rodriguez
  • Callie Romenesko
  • Jamie Shaw
  • Mary Smith
  • Tyler Sonkin
  • Michael Spano
  • Scott Spector
  • Suzanne Stuebe
  • Nancy Syburg
  • Mary Boyle Smith
  • Paul Stowick
  • Julian Trafford-Goss
  • Corry Tucker
  • Carli Uphill
  • Barbara Willert
  • Glenn Wiorek

The charitable contributions of our donors and sponsors allow us to produce excellent shows at affordable prices. These gifts make it possible for us to provide our audiences with unique theatre experiences and to give our artists the resources they need to create their best work.