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Photos: 'Kiss Me, Kate' On Stage!

Cliff Gabor (Fred Graham) and Mikaela Sullivan (Lilli Vanessi)
Jenilee Houghton (First Gangster), Jessica James (Second Gangster), and Cliff Gabor (Fred Graham)
Mikaela Sullivan (Lilli Vanessi) and Cliff Gabor (Fred Graham)
The cast of KISS ME, KATE
Emma Widlowski (Hortensio), Mikaela Sullivan (Lilli Vanessi "Katherine"), and Heidi Hansfield (Lois Lane "Bianca")
Tyler Sonkin (Bill Calhoun "Lucentio), Heidi Hansfield (Lois Lane "Bianca"), Becca Duff (Gremio), Emma Widlowski (Hortensio)
Cliff Gabor (Fred Graham "Petruchio") and Ensemble
Mikaela Sullivan (Lilli Vanessi "Katherine")
Cliff Gabor (Fred Graham "Petruchio"), Mikaela Sullivan ("Lilli Vanessi "Katherine"), and Company
Mikaela Sullivan (Lilli Vanessi), Cliff Gabor (Fred Graham), Adrian Briones (Ralph), and Korinne Yonan (Hattie)
Larry D. Trice II (Paul) and Company
Heidi Hansfield (Lois Lane)
Tyler Sonkin (Bill Calhoun) and Ensemble
Jenilee Houghton (First Gangster) and Jessica James (Second Gangster)

KISS ME, KATE runs through October 7 at Prairie Lakes Theater, 515 E. Thacker Street in Des Plaines, IL.

Photo Credit: Kat Filipinas, Indvisual Films